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Fall Equinox: Reminder to Transition

The fall equinox is on September 22nd and as with all equinoxes, the amount of daylight is equal to the amount of darkness. I choose to see the equinox as an opportunity to pause and remind myself I am entering a time of transition from summer to winter. I reorganize, recycle and prepare for change. It can be a healing time of reflection, letting go and accepting impermanence.

For some, fall feels like a relief. The cooler weather, the warm colours and the softer light give permission to be less social and more internally focussed. Others find fall to be sad - an end of heightened external stimulation and an announcement of shorter, colder days approaching.

Regardless of your own response to fall, embracing this season as a transition period can help you enjoy the process. Be gentle with yourself as you notice the narrative and and any feelings you attach to the change of season. Then see if you can just let yourself "be" in transition.

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