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The Divine Feminine is Rising

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

On a walk at the lake, I noticed a beautiful piece of driftwood standing with grace and power. I immediately heard the words; "The Divine Feminine is Rising" in my head. For me, this means it is time to lead with the feminine energy of wisdom rather than the masculine energy of analysis and methodology.  Don't be fooled, the Divine Feminine is not gentle, rather she is a fierce blend of death and rebirth, destruction and creation.  And if there is any doubt of just how fierce the feminine is, take a look at natural disasters across the globe.

As a collective we have been out of balance for far too long.  This is no surprise given that we consistently celebrate, reward, and encourage the masculine qualities of information, domination, and rigidity. In turn, we diminish the feminine qualities of insight, collaboration, and flexibility. And what about the imbalance of masculine and feminine within our own psyches?  We are not taught how to trust our intuition, how to be curious, or how to be conscious leaders within our own lives. The result?  We are unable to meet the unknown with grounded awareness. Instead we override our gut feelings, and our thinking minds take over, frantically searching for something, (or someone,) to tell us what to do next.

Without the balance of feminine and masculine energies, we will continue to live in the vibration of fear and reactivity.  Perhaps this is is the root cause of our collective soul loss, where we feel deeply disconnected from life, and utterly confused about our true purpose. 

The rising of the Divine Feminine may feel as if we are being turned inside out - and we are. This is life's cycle of destruction and creation. We have been asleep, and now we are being pushed to grow up to become conscious healthy adults. Adults who are willing to be accountable and responsible by working on ourselves for the collective good. This can feel extremely lonely, overwhelming, scary, and confusing. A variety of existential questions may arise such as; Who am I? What if I die? Why am I here? How do I want to live? This exploration is needed in order to reveal our essence to ourselves but it requires a balanced approach, not one entangled in analysis (masculine), which only deepens the disconnect from our feminine qualities. Here is where an approach that integrates an expansive (feminine) perspective of the self is needed.

Examples include; connecting to our vulnerability, using our creativity, and dancing with the energy of the earth. When we holistically honour our individual experience of being a human being - we become whole.

We may feel we aren't ready for this transition. We may feel afraid. This is our childlike fear preventing us from evolving. It takes some time and practice to continually step forward with conscious awareness. Know that we are ready as there are no coincidences. Our souls chose to be here at this time in the world. And it serves us well to remember that courage is rooted in our hearts not in the illusion of having control.

Let yourself embrace the feminine quality of wisdom in this mysterious flow of life. You are supported. The Divine Feminine is reclaiming Her rightful place alongside the Masculine, and there is no stopping Her.  

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