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Patience to Bloom: Agave Wisdom

For me, what makes the agave so remarkable is the effort and focus needed for one specific outcome - to bloom. On average, it takes an agave plant 25 years for its central flower spike to grow as tall as possible. Once this happens, the agave blooms. It reproduces itself via seed and vegetative cloning, then it dies.

Imagine having your entire life dedicated to the preparation of one opportunity to bloom! The focus, the energy and the determination needed to do so would be incredible. Perhaps it would be calming to know you did indeed complete what nature (Spirit, God) asked of you. Completed with grace, humility and an unassuming presence. No bells and whistles needed.

Unlike the agave, we humans have endless opportunities to bloom throughout our lifetimes. Maybe this is what contributes to our suffering - that we have so many choices. But rather than suffer, we can choose to "bloom" in each moment - opening to whatever shows up and knowing if we fail, we have many other opportunities to try again.

When I feel stuck, impatient of frustrated that things aren’t moving the way I want them to, I remind myself of the agave. Its acceptance of its purpose, its unwavering trust in the process of its life and above all else - patience.

© Alexia Georgousis March 2018

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