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Earth Bonding In The City

Having a deeper connection to our natural environments even within a busy city, can help us heal. We feel calmer, less alone and less separate. Our internal world aligns with our natural environments because we consciously become part of the system.

As we learn how to commune differently with the earth, the elements and other life forms, our inner wisdom and intuition grow stronger. This is when we may begin to notice a softening towards ourselves, others and to the world. We become more hopeful, more open, more accepting and ultimately more grounded. Our ability to listen and respond from a place of clarity and authenticity strengthens. Eventually our comfort and sense of safety in the world increases. We trust ourselves. We become aware of the choice of energetically leaning on the earth and her elements when we are in need support and guidance because we too are nature.

Here are a few simple exercises to help strengthen your bond with the earth:

Tree Breath: Take 15 seconds or longer to simply pause and take a breath next to a tree. Consciously choose the intention to be curious, observe and accept without judgement. Notice the shape, colour, size and texture of the tree. Then shift your awareness to what you feel inside. You may notice a feeling of being calm, sleepy, impatience or irritation - just notice. Thank the tree for giving you oxygen, sharing the city with you, holding space for you. - Wish it well and continue on with your day.

Stone Walk: Go for a walk where there are stones lying around. See if one of them catches your eye. Pick up the stone and notice its weight in your hand, its shape and colour. Carry the stone in your hand for a few minutes and let your attention be on the feeling of the stone in your hand. You are consciously connecting to this stone. If you feel ungrounded or upset over something, whisper your concern or worry to the stone - either out loud or silently. Then toss the stone to a new part of the earth. The stone will carry the burden for you, just as you carried the stone.

- Thank the stone for supporting you.

Sun/Wind Kiss: When you are outdoors or through an open window - take a brief moment to notice the feeling of the sun on your face or body. Feel the warmth. The sensation you feel is the sun giving you a gentle kiss, letting you know you it sees you.

- Thank the sun, breeze or wind for greeting you and letting you know it sees you.

© Alexia Georgousis April 2018

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