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City Snake

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

I nearly stepped on a snake on my way to the gym a few weeks ago. There it was, right smack in the middle of the sidewalk! The day was dreary and the lingering snow of April was now like a guest who had overstayed their welcome. I had woken up in a grumpy mood and was feeling a bit disappointed that I wasn’t in a better head space. I picked up the 14 inch snake from the sidewalk and put it on a little patch of grass in my neighbour's yard. My hope is it would find its way to safety. I kept thinking about the snake on my walk to the gym. Something made me feel I hadn’t moved it to the safest spot. I decided if on my return home, it was still where I had left it, I would move it to the backyard.

I noticed my mood had shifted. I definitely didn’t feel as grumpy. I felt grounded, clear and present. The snake had my full attention and focus. My mood had become a non issue. During my workout I invited the totem of snake medicine into my awareness - asking for its lesson, pleased to have come across this creature so unexpectedly. I was already aware that snake medicine represents transformation, re-birth, grounding, creativity and sensuality, but I knew there was more for me to learn - something deeper.

When I returned from the gym, I found the snake trying to make its way to the road again, not far from where I had left it. Perhaps it was attempting to get heat from the pavement? It didn’t matter. I had an overwhelming urge to protect this little beauty. As I carefully picked it up (with a gloved hand), it coiled and flattened itself, tongue flickering. I said a few gentle words of reassurance as I carried it to my backyard far away from the busy street. I felt the weight of its body, the energy of its life so precious, so vulnerable. I felt like it was hugging me. Then I got it! The message I needed from the snake came to me: Loving kindness, regardless of my mood - respond to myself as I responded to the snake.

© Alexia Georgousis May 2018

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