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A New Stage of Growth: Savour the Longing

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Cicadas take between two to seventeen years to emerge from the ground as nymphs. Once above ground they climb a tree and begin to moult.  The moulting process takes about an hour.  Then these remarkable creatures continue to live above ground for five to six weeks. Amazing really.  All those years underground - gathering, preparing, struggling and reaching, only to be rewarded with a short lived taste of freedom. 

For us humans moulting also includes struggle, and it’s downright painful. Especially when we are growing at the core of our being - our consciousness. This is what's been happening to many over the last six months of the COVID-19 experience. Our identity is morphing, within and around ourselves. It is unsettling to say the least - and it is also an incredible opportunity for healing like never before.

Healing is not comfortable and it is not linear. It is an alchemical process, much like moulting. And shedding is not the same as moulting. Shedding prepares us for a season, much like changing out our summer and fall wardrobe in our closets. Where as moulting prepares us for a new stage of growth. That's more like a clearing out your entire room or home of all its contents. Big difference - and important to acknowledge because moulting takes us deeper, much deeper.

As we know, the physical body is the most molecularly dense and heavy compared to our thoughts and emotions. But don’t equate lightness with weakness or fragility. It is quite the opposite. The body is remarkable but its strength pales in comparison to the strength of our inner wisdom and vitality. And fortunately for us, there is constant communication between our physical body, our mental thoughts, our emotions, and our consciousness. The subtle messaging we received within this interconnected relationship, allows us to receive all the support, guidance and nourishment we will ever need, through the simple practice of becoming whole.

Embodiment and integration are other ways of describing what it means to be whole. That is, our senses, our intuition, thoughts, perceptions, emotions and physical body are joined to form a felt-connection. We experience moments of this wholeness through various awareness practices such as conscious breathing, calming our eyes, meditation and other relaxation techniques. When we are able to drop into our bodies fully, we transform and we see that everything is a continuous preparation to enter yet another new stage of growth. There is no urgency. We are in an endless cycling of becoming embodied - knowing without words - what it means to be alive.

We can learn a lot from the cicada. Appreciating its incredible life journey for starters, and more importantly; considering the end result may not be the reward. Imagine that? Our own ideas of end result may not actually be what we long for. Instead, it may be our ability to savour the longing that is the exquisite nectar for our souls.  

Be kind to yourself and take the time to notice where you have grown over these past six months. Let yourself cry, let yourself smile, and just breathe. Remember you are not alone, and our true freedom lies in the process not in the release. 

Interested to learn more about mind body spirit embodiment and integration? Message me at

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