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Awareness: The Foundation For Happiness & Success

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Seeing Beyond the Story

Imagine if as children, we learned how to feel emotions, how learn from them and how to shift them? The world would be a different place. We would each be so much more accountable and responsible for our own well being. We would also become more compassionate towards others. My hope is we choose to prioritize conscious awareness in our own lives, so we can help others do the same.

As multidimensional beings, we experience being human with a physical body, a mental body (thinking) and an emotional body (feeling) - all of which are interconnected and held in the energetic field spiritual consciousness or life force. Getting to know who we are is never ending because as life forms we evolve. "Know Thyself" are the famous words of ancient Greeks and can be interpreted in many ways. Do you know yourself? Not simply your thinking mind or personality; what about your inner world, a world without story? When there is no story, who are you? How would you show up? Which part of you is needing extra care and attention?

Given the fact that most of the Western world is so comfortable with thinking and analyzing, it's not surprising our emotional bodies seem to be most in need. According to Dr. John Gottman a psychological researcher: “Emotional awareness and abilities to handle feelings will determine your success and happiness in all walks of life, including family relationships.”

Mastering our emotional selves requires conscious awareness because without awareness we cannot see beyond the story our egos like to spin. This is not about suppressing or skipping over our emotions, it is about realizing that emotions are energy bundles needing to move. This is physics - specifically the first law of Thermodynamics which states: Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred and changed. When emotional energy becomes stuck, we become stuck. The transmutation of emotions is one of the most essential teachings of ancient mystics; alchemy. Learning how to shift stuck energy helps us evolve spiritually. Here's where consciousness comes into play. The ability to 'see' or notice a story that our thinking mind is telling us, allows us to have choice which translates into the intentional movement of emotional energy. The part of us that is 'seeing' the story is our consciousness or spiritual essence. There is no right and wrong, no analysis or interpretation; just pure energy of acceptance, compassion and love. And as we continue to practice 'seeing' differently, we no longer become hijacked by our emotions.

It has been helpful for my own awareness to understand there is no such thing as good or bad when it comes to emotions. All emotions are part of the human experience. There are times when certain emotions need to be present. The key is to learn to discern which emotions are appropriate for the situation, and how to guide, tame or channel that emotional energy when too intense. For example, anger is healthy but needs to be expressed in healthy ways that do not harm the self or others. Emotions also offer us powerful wisdom if we are wiling to listen. Personally, I have found the more senate I become the easier it is for me to listen because I am letting myself feel the emotion. I am stepping out of my narrative. Then I can inquire, learn and shift my state. My awareness of self without the story deepens. The person named Alexia Georgousis becomes more known to me each day and there is so much I still do not know about her.

Practicing sensing and feeling our emotions takes practice. Techniques such as visualization, transformative mindfulness, creativity and movement are examples. You can also use poetic or descriptive words. I once heard someone describe his anxiety as 'a wild horse running inside his chest, desperately looking for an escape'. It was beautiful, powerful and I could physically sense the image. That was over ten years ago and I can still feel this image.

Inquiring as to what the emotion or feeling is trying to teach us is a crucial step when it comes to awareness. Again, patience is required along with being very grounded and non reactive. This process can't be forced or rushed otherwise you'll find yourself in a repetitive cycle. When we feel grounded and secure enough to feel our emotions, we can listen. Then we can accept and comfort them like we do with suffering children. From here, the practices of release and transmutation help shift without any loss of internal power. Authenticity, small steps and conscious practice is required.

Conscious awareness is not linear, it is cyclical and fluid. Emotions are wavelike; sometimes they knock us to our knees and sometimes they gently lap against us. I can honestly say, even though painful at times, my commitment to developing my own level of conscious awareness has filled my life with the most authentic energy and gratitude I have ever experienced. My relationship with myself has changed for the better; I trust myself and I feel more equipped to ride the waves of whatever may come in my life. My relationship with loved ones and friends has also changed for the better. Some relationships fell away because they no longer resonated with my 'new' self. Not easy to accept and yet not difficult, it's just movement. This for me, is living!

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