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Caterpillar Wisdom: Timing is Everything

Updated: May 16, 2020

It’s familiar metaphor; the caterpillar sacrificing its former self in order to to be transformed into the butterfly.  An incredible process of nature which if rushed, guarantees imminent death. Similar to the caterpillar, we have been transforming internally. And as we begin to step into a “new normal,” it is important we align with caterpillar wisdom: Don't rush the process.

The COVID-19 experience has been a tremendous shock to our systems on every level. And ultimately, I believe this is a good thing. When has the entire world had an opportunity to share and witness each other’s fear, grief, and shock together? Well, let’s be honest, there are many who have not had the comforts of a warm, safe home with plenty of food and money. So, to be more accurate, let's say we shared various levels of suffering. The shock we have experienced has been purposeful. We needed to wake up from our dullness and limited thinking. We became too comfortable, and forgot what the quality of humility actually means. Familiarity, as soothing as it feels, can be a dangerous distraction. It lulls our consciousness into sleep where we become passive participants instead of leaders of our own lives. We follow along, blindly, forgetting we belong to the Earth, and that being alive is a wonderful privilege. The shock also helped us face impermanence and uncertainty. We needed to be reminded of the fact that we won’t be here forever. This is what it means to live awake; to show up in our lives with an awareness of impermanence - knowing that one second we are here, alive and well, and in the next, we are gone. Let yourself take that in for a moment. Breathe deeply, and with this knowingness of impermanence, ask yourself these questions: How do you want to treat yourself and those around you? What do you really value? How much is enough? How do you want to relate to the Earth? When we answer these questions it allows us to see with our hearts, and it connects us to our inner being - the part of us that shares breath with all other beings. Deepening this inner relationship allows us to slow down, be still, notice sights and sounds of nature, and shift us from our thinking mind into our bodies. Here is where we feel alive and recognize we are part of this mysterious experience called life. Make the conscious choice to align with nature’s wisdom and learn from the caterpillar:

Trust the process and the pain, knowing you are transforming into someone new and different.

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