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Discomfort? Consider the Process of Awakening

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Each time we experience extreme change, we are being invited to step into our lives with more wisdom. We can inquire with curiosity and we can remain open, yet grounded. The “mainstream” no longer feels comfortable or even pleasurable. We may even feel a sense of disconnect. From a conscious awareness perspective, this is part of what is known as awakening, and it is happening because we are changing. Waking up our consciousness is a choice, and it's uncomfortable. We either continue to step forward within the cycle of life, or we resist. When we resist, we stay stuck, we cling, and we deny ourselves the opportunity to evolve – as individuals, and as a collective. The discomfort and pain of deepening our consciousness is real. Essentially, we are shedding layers of ourselves, old parts of us that no longer serve the highest good. It is not easy, and if we are willing to trust the pain, we become more resilient through expansion. We are developing a felt-sense of self trust and connectedness. Feeling many emotions during this process is common. And it is important to remind ourselves that emotions are energy in motion, they are not who we are. It’s been said that the physiological effect of emotions last 60-90 seconds – usually before we can even label them. Knowing this can help us feel the feeling without attaching to it or to the story associated with the emotion. This is why learning how to internally stabilize ourselves, through the practices of Earthing, conscious breathing, or meditating, is key to bringing ourselves into our bodies and out of our racing thoughts. When we ground into the Earth, even if just for a few seconds, our cells recognize the sensation and ease of being home. The Earth's consciousness is inviting us to wake up and join her – the choice is yours.

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