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Lessons From Coronavirus

Updated: May 26, 2020

The impact of the Coronavirus is far and wide. What can help us as individuals and as a collective is to follow public health advisories, focus on prevention, and see beyond the fear.  When we choose to be in the here and now, we are grounded and supported by the energy of fact. This felt-sense of stability is powerful, calm and clear, and one of the best ways to soften anxiety, fear or worry. We slow down and listen with our hearts and our minds, we respond vs. react.

One simple way to become more grounded is to ask yourself: “Am I in my centre or in the storm?” This question directs our attention inwardly using imagery instead of words. It immediately expands our self-awareness which gives us choice. We can then decide in that moment to take a conscious full breath, connect to our senses (see, smell, hear, touch, taste), and acknowledge we are right here. This reinforces our ability to embody a felt-sense of knowing we are not our thoughts or our emotions. And this stable foundation becomes the source of grounding and re-aligning with our inner wisdom; true resilience and self-empowerment at its finest. In essence, we are directing our attention with consciousness. Our energy and physiology follow our attention like a hungry dog follows a bone. Now more than ever, during this time of heightened collective instability we are being asked to stabilize within, and in doing so we impact those around us for the better.

Consider too, what lessons are being offered at this time: Is the Coronavirus a messenger? And if so what might be that message? Is there a bigger lesson to be learned for humanity? Is the Earth responding to a collective desire to have a break from the busyness of our lives? Or is the Earth deciding she needs a rest from our incessant pillaging of her resources?

For me, I am noticing lessons in humility, vulnerability, reverence in the power of Gaia, trusting the wisdom of my immunity, the importance of connection and touch, the value of slowing down, forgiveness, the privileges I have in my life, and extreme gratitude for health.  I also feel a sadness and grief for Earth.  When is it enough? When will we wake up? Are we not the stewards of this magnificent planet? Remember Earth is the source of all medicines.  

What lessons are you learning? Are you centred? And how are you choosing to respond?

Alexia Georgousis ND

Gratitude and thanks to the many wise and healing teachers who continue to guide me.

Similar to many colleagues, I offer in person or telemedicine consultations, and am available for speaking events or workshops. Please contact me at or visit my website at Mind Body Spirit - Holistic Resiliency & Burnout Prevention.

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