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Strength In Fragility: Mind Your Edges

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

This powerful sculpture is aptly titled "Dromeas" meaning Runner, in Greek. Made of glass shards and iron, Dromeas is 12 metres tall, depicts speed, and stands in a busy part of central Athens, Greece. The artist is Costas Varotsos.

For me, this sculpture is an extremely appropriate metaphor as we continue to step forward into a new and different reality.  Here's what I mean:

Imagine the inner iron framework of Dromeas to be our core essence/spirit, and the glass shards represent the layers of our outer self. During the time of COVID-19 our outer (ego) selves were shattered. Our inner core however, remained unchanged and supported us while we fell apart. Similar to the thousands of glass shards that make up Dromeas, piece by piece, our outer self has been reassembled into someone new - hopefully more aware of our very powerful unwavering witness within.

It has not been a comfortable nor easy process from the ego's perspective. The ego clings and grasps in search of safety outside of itself. But from the perspective of our spirit, we finally had the opportunity to surface from a deep slumber. We tasted freedom from various labels and constructs that no longer serve us. And like Earth, we breathed deeply. We began listening and seeing with our hearts, appreciating what we have, facing our shadows, realizing impermanence, and experiencing the peacefulness that exists underneath all the petty distractions which dull our essence.

As our freshly reassembled beings begin to re-engage with a new and different world, we need to remember that like Dromeas, there is tremendous strength within our fragility. The shards of our new selves may have sharp edges as we continue to transition. We are not yet comfortable in our new skin, and with patience these edges will soften.

Although Dromeas depicts speed, this is not necessarily what is needed at this time. Speed without awareness is essentially impulsive reactivity. And if we run without being grounded we risk injuring ourselves and others. Perhaps more importantly, we risk losing sight of how to truly nurture and protect our inner spirit who is longing to be seen. 

Let's remember our inner strength while minding our edges as we continue to step into the unknown.

Note: Here's a link to a video of the creation and assembly of Dromeas by the artist Costas Varotsos

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